Xylitol / Xylitol - powdered sugar
Xylitol / Xylitol - powdered sugar
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Xylitol / Xylitol - powdered sugar

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Xylitol / Xylitol) is a good-tasting, white,  crystalline sugar substitute, which has gained enormous importance in recent years, mainly due to its tooth-friendliness. Xylitol is comparable to normal table sugar with the advantage that xylitol has 40% fewer calories in comparison. Xylitol is the optimal and natural sugar substitute for the kitchen - can be used for baking, cooking and sweetening of food and drinks. By consuming xylitol instead of sugar, the blood sugar level rises less, because the glycemic index is just a very low 7. This makes xylitol a suitable sugar substitute for diabetics and a natural alternative to artificial sweeteners.

Xylitol is ideally soluble in water and the sweetening power is 100%. This means that xylitol can be used 1:1 like sugar, which significantly simplifies processing when cooking and baking. Xylitol comes very close to the sweet taste of sugar.


What are the advantages of buying xylitol?

  • 40% less calories
  • tooth friendly
  • Easy dosing as it is just as sweet as sugar
  • Ideal for diabetics and dieters (glycemic index = 7)
  • Guaranteed GMO-free
  • Without gluten, fructose or sorbitol
  • Allergen free


Fine-grained xylitol tends to clump; even if it is airtight. The lumps can be easily shaken up or broken up. Agglomerations in the can do not constitute a reason for complaint.
Can have a laxative effect if consumed to excess. Xylitol is not suitable for dogs! Even small amounts have a strong impact on the dog's blood sugar level and can lead to a dangerous hypo. For cats, on the other hand, xylitol is harmless.