Lecithin is essential for metabolism

The meaning of Functional Food, I.e. foods with special health-promoting properties, are steadily increasing in our diet. This can be seen both in the sales figures and in the increasing variety of products on offer.

InsbesondereLecithineProve to be valuable components in functional food. They offer a wide range of positive effects on human metabolism. For example, isPhosphatidylcholinKnown for,Cholesterol levelsTo balance-it lowers the LDL value while promoting the HDL value. In addition, strengthensPhosphatidylcholinLiver function and can therefore prevent liver damage. In addition, this substance contributes to improved general well-being by optimizing the metabolic processes in the body.

Another essential nutrientPhosphatidylserinWhich is particularly important for brain performance. It counteracts the breakdown of cognitive abilities by optimizing the release of neurotransmitters, thus contributing to more efficient energy metabolism in the brain.

The addition of functional food withLecithinMay have the following positive effects:

  • Immune system is strengthened
  • Cholesterol content is lowered
  • Assistance in repairing liver damage
  • Increase in the ability to concentrate
  • Promotion of mental activities
  • Support regeneration after sports activities

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