Lecithin is essential for metabolism

Functional food - foods with a special, targeted effect - are playing an increasingly important role in modern nutrition. This is proven by the retail sales and the steadily growing range of products.

Lecithins can provide important services in the formulation of functional food because they have many positive effects on human metabolism. Thus, phosphatidylcholine is able to lower the cholesterol level and the LDL level in the body and increase the HDL level. Furthermore, the substance can strengthen the liver and accordingly prevent liver damage. By improving the metabolic processes in the human organism, phosphatidylcholine contributes to positive general well-being.

An important nutrient for the human brain is phosphatidylserine, which can counteract the decline in cognitive abilities. Phosphatidylserine optimizes the release of neurotransmitters, thereby improving energy metabolism in the brain.

Functional food with added lecithin has many positive effects:

  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Lowering the cholesterol level
  • amelioration of liver damage
  • Increase in the ability to concentrate
  • Improvement in mental activity
  • Support in regeneration phases after sport

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