Sunflower lecithin as an alternative to soy lecithin

Unfortunately, many of our customers suffer from a food intolerance. the best alternative to soy lecithin is sunflower lecithin to get all the benefits and properties of lecithin without having to resort to soy lecithin. All cons that soy causes  are thus ended. Sunflower lecithin is vegan and is obtained from sunflower seeds. The extraction takes place by cold pressing. This preserves all the important nutrients and at the same time there is no chemical separation.



What causes soy intolerance?

In recent years, the soybean has increasingly developed into a foodstuff that is used in a wide variety of foods. Whether as flour, lecithin or cooking oil, soy has become an integral part of modern cuisine and it is no longer so easy to get past soy. This quickly triggers allergies that are not easily recognized as such. 

The consequences are all the more recognizable: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and flare-ups of neurodermatitis can be signs of a soy allergy. In addition to gastrointestinal problems, adults can also have respiratory problems (asthma). The severity of the intolerance ranges from mild sensitivities to anaphylactic shock - a soy allergy should not be underestimated! The alternative to soy lecithin is sunflower lecithin.

In general, it can be said that only a change in diet helps against soy intolerance. You have to be very careful not to buy any food with traces of soy. Unfortunately, the soy origin is not always sufficiently indicated on the labels.


Do you have a soy allergy but don't want to miss out on the benefits that lecithin offers your body?


My Lecithin guarantees you the purest sunflower lecithin, free from soy and rapeseed contamination. Use our sunflower lecithin without hesitation!

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