increase well-being? With lecithin!

Lecithin is the perfect dietary supplement for everyone to do something good for their health. Lecithin offers the body a lot of choline and phosphorus - that's really good! Lecithin supports the heart, brain, liver and immune system, helps with cardiovascular problems, poor concentration and problems with short-term memory. The positive effect of lecithin on the liver is mentioned again and again. Lecithin helps transport fatty acids from the liver, so regular consumption prevents liver damage. Consequently Lecithin also has an antidepressant effect at the same time and is suitable for people who do not feel relaxed or are lethargic.

Whether for humans or animals, lecithin can help both, and anyone who values genetically unmodified food or has a soy allergy simply uses sunflower lecithin. Sunflowers are only grown naturally. Accordingly, sunflower lecithin is always free of genetic modifications.


Even in old age, people can benefit from the effects of phospholipids, because they play an important role in cell formation in the brain. These ensure the smooth transmission of nerve impulses by isolating nerve processes. In addition, lecithin is converted to acetylcholine in the brain and within the nerves. The latter is the most important neurotransmitter in the nervous system.

Among other things, this effect increases the ability to think and strengthens short-term memory.


So lecithins are real all-rounders and should be an integral part of everyday life.


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  • Lecithin sollte in Bio Qualität eingenommen werden, und es hat wirklich eine spürbare Wirkung.

    Es wirkt entspannend und Beruhigend, im Alltag ist es sehr hilfreich 🙏😊

    Timo Orth

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