Sonnenblumenlecithin / Sonnenblumen GMO frei Bäckerlecithin Reinlecithin Emulgator
Sonnenblumenlecithin / Sonnenblumen GMO frei Bäckerlecithin Reinlecithin Emulgator
Sonnenblumenlecithin / Sonnenblumen GMO frei Bäckerlecithin Reinlecithin Emulgator

Sunflower Lecithin | pure lecithin | High bioavailability | Quality from Germany | vegan

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Does not guarantee China goods, the sunflower seeds used come from the EU
Discover the diversity of sunflower lecithin!

Our high-quality sunflower lecithin in our online shop is an absolute must for all cooking and baking lovers out there. It is a natural emulsifier and stabilizer that will help you achieve first-class results in your kitchen.

With sunflower lecithin you can conjure up creamy and supple chocolate creations. It prevents the chocolate from clumping and ensures a silky consistency. Whether they're making chocolate bars, chocolates or a shiny chocolate glaze, sunflower lecithin is the perfect ingredient to improve the quality of your sweet treats.

But that is not all! You can also use sunflower lecithin in your baking recipes, be it for delicious cookies, juicy cakes or crispy bread. It improves texture, increases durability and prevents drying. With sunflower lecithin, your baking creations will become simply irresistible.

In addition, sunflower lecithin is great for preparing dressings, sauces and mayonnaise. It ensures a perfect mixing of the ingredients and gives them a uniform consistency. Their homemade sauces and dressings not only look appealing thanks to sunflower lecithin, but also stay fresh longer.

What makes our sunflower lecithin so special? It is made from high-quality sunflower seeds and contains valuable nutrients such as essential fatty acids and vitamins. It is also vegan and gluten-free, which makes it suitable for people with special nutritional needs.

Order our sunflower lecithin today and discover the many possibilities it offers you in the kitchen. Give your dishes and baking creations that certain something and convince yourself of the quality of our product. Your culinary masterpieces will thank you!

sunflower lecithin

Resealable, eco-friendly stand-up pouch made from kraft paper

Dark, away from direct sunlight at room temperature, clean and dry

Nutritional values:
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Natural sunflower lecithin
Sunflowers must not be genetically modified. For this reason, our sunflower lecithin is 100% non-GMO, free of carriers, flavor enhancers and is perfect for anyone who cares about their own health.
Our sunflower lecithin is free of additives:
free from gluten, yeast, lactose, gelatin
without the addition of preservatives, colorings, flavorings and sweeteners